7 Useful free Apps that make traveling easy

1. XE Currency For anyone traveling out of the country this app is great for converting currencies. Plus you can send money to people and it will do the conversion for you. It also has up-to-date exchange rates every time to open the app. 2. Google translate This app was a lifesaver for me in…

Summer MoodBoard

My summer mood board and bucketlist

How to Spend 5 Days in New Orleans

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5 Day Vacation In Puerto Rico

Sadly I'm Back from my trip to Puerto Rico. I miss the warm weather and beaches already. But I had an amazing time and would like to share the details with you guys. if you didn't read my previous post What I’m packing for my trip to Puerto Rico. take a brief minute to look through…

What I’m packing for my trip to Puerto Rico

Hey guys, I'm finally back with another travel post. This time I'm headed to Puerto Rico! This trip is a graduation present from my parents and also a bday trip for my moms 50 birthday. I'll be staying in San Juan for 5 days and 4 nights. I'll be leaving straight from Atlantic City airport…