Get to know the blogger

Hey guys so I've been super busy with school, work, and a new internship that i got. I'm a social media intern for a start up company called SoCalsizzle. They're based in southern California, Check them out if you can! But anyways I was thinking of blog post to write and I realized I don't…

8 Self care habits to follow everyday

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. With my internship I’m always on my computer or phone. So I needed some time to step away from the electronics and actually step outside enjoy the real world. Sometimes you need to put your phone down and reflect on things and yourself. While I’ve been away from the […]

Blogging Essentials: 5 Tips to Master Flat Lay Photography

You can’t go on Pinterest or Instagram without seeing some form of flat lay photography. Many brands use this visually appealing style as a way of promoting their products or share their stories. I’ve been obsessing over flat lay photography since I’ve started this blog. The photos are so mesmerizing and aesthetically pleasing. Since I […]

Products that won’t harm your skin: Melaleuca The Wellness Company

Hope you guys are doing well, I haven't done a product review in a while and wanted to share with you guys a bunch of stuff I got from a company called Melaleuca. Melaleuca is this wellness company that makes health supplements, vitamins, non-toxic environment-friendly household products and more. The setup kind of reminds me…

Music to Help Improve your Productivity

So it's officially May! One more month till summer! I'm currently finishing up my semester with finals ugh. Surprisingly this semester wasn't that bad. I only had one real final to take( lucky me). But for those of you have more than one final stay strong and positive. Now I know how hard it is to stay motivated…