Preparing for my last semester in college

It's finally my last semester as an undergraduate. It's crazy how fast these four years flew by giving the fact that I switched schools after my sophomore year. College has had its ups and downs, so it's insane to think that it's almost over and I'll soon be thrown into the real world. I'm not…

The Liebster Award

Hey guys so I was just nominated again but this time for the Liebster Award how exciting! Thank you Tina ( lifestylerookie) for nominating me! You can check out her post about her award hereBasically the Liebster award is designed to give exposure to blogs with less than 1000 followers. I Love the whole idea of this…

7 Amazing quotes that everyone needs in their life

I love quotes! They can be very inspiring and motivational. Just a few simple words can have an impact on someone’s life. Quotes can brighten your mood if you’re having a hellish week at work or school. They can give you that extra push to travel or change your habits to live a healthier lifestyle. […]

Why I started to learn code

Coding is something I wished I learned during my freshman year of college. When I started my first semester I knew I wanted to go into marketing but I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to go in. I’ve been really leaning towards digital or social media marketing. As I’ve been applying for internships I noticed that […]