How to Spend 5 Days in New Orleans

Check out my 5 day vacation in New Orleans

My favorite Pinterest recipes

  Pinterest is a goldmine when it comes to ideas, on what to wear, where to travel, places to eat, DIY crafts, blogging tips, etc. It is my go to app when I'm trying to figure out what to eat. Out of any meal I always have a difficult time figuring out what to make…

Where to Get the Best Doughnuts in NYC 

When I was living in North jersey I use to catch the train into NYC whenever I could. I was living in Bayonne at the time which is ten minutes from the city. one of my favorite things to do in the city was to go to doughnut shops. I don’t where my obsession for doughnuts came from […]

Coffee shops that you should visit at least once

I decided to make  this post about my obsession for  coffee and my love of going to coffee shops. Now I come from a small town in Southern New jersey and there's not many local coffee shops around. But I did live in the North Jersey/ New York area for two years and found some places I absolutely fell…

Philly travels: Chinatown

So this weekend I spent the day in Philadelphia. I'm taking a food and culture course at school and one of our assignments is to go somewhere and do something cultural. It's a very interesting class and I love the fact that my professor really encourages us  to go out and travel, and experience different…