Why you need these 7 Free resources to boost your blog now

As a blogger you need a few essential tools to help make your website look appealing to your followers and tools to help increase your traffic. As a new blogger I had no idea where to start. After researching useful tips from other bloggers, I came up with a list of 7 free sources and…


How to create unique Pinterest Graphics with Canva

Source: How to create unique Pinterest Graphics with Canva Canva is one of my go to resources as a blogger. It's a essential for pinterest and any blogger. I love it because you can either use it on  desktop or use the app on my phone. Canva is easy to use and there are so…

Blogging Essentials: 5 Tips to Master Flat Lay Photography

You can’t go on Pinterest or Instagram without seeing some form of flat lay photography. Many brands use this visually appealing style as a way of promoting their products or share their stories. I’ve been obsessing over flat lay photography since I’ve started this blog. The photos are so mesmerizing and aesthetically pleasing. Since I […]

Why I started to learn code

Coding is something I wished I learned during my freshman year of college. When I started my first semester I knew I wanted to go into marketing but I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to go in. I’ve been really leaning towards digital or social media marketing. As I’ve been applying for internships I noticed that […]