Autumn Mood Board + Life Update

Fall is my favorite season. I just love wearing cozy sweater and a light jacket while sipping my morning coffee or tea. I love cloudy mornings, pumpkin patches and haunted hayrides. Yes, I am one of those basic bitches who loves pumpkin spice, I can’t help it.

I recently just left my job and I’ve been contemplating what do next with my life. I’ve been to applying to jobs and haven’t had much luck. I do have few back up options with my friends but I’m really taking this free period time to learn and create more. I’ve been working up to start freelance work for logos and writing blog post on the side.

In the middle of job searching, I am also going to Montreal at the end of this month. I’m super excited! My packing list and travel tips post will be coming soon. But I’m going to use this time to write down my fall bucket list.

Bucket list for Fall

1. Spend Halloween in NYC or Philadelphia

2. Fall activities (Go pumpkin/haunted maze, etc, )

3. Apply to Grad School

4. Open a shop and start selling my designs and Freelance.

5. Find a new job

Let’s see how well I complete this bucket list.

but in the meantime follow me on my social media channels and shop around on my redbubble account and design account

Thanks again for reading!

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