7 Useful free Apps that make traveling easy

1. XE Currency

For anyone traveling out of the country this app is great for converting currencies. Plus you can send money to people and it will do the conversion for you. It also has up-to-date exchange rates every time to open the app.

2. Google translate

This app was a lifesaver for me in Japan. It’s very useful for international travel. You can also upload pictures of signs and it will translate the for you!

3. Wifi Map

Using data can be expensive especially if traveling abroad. This app is great because it finds free local hotspots and the passwords o connect to them. You can download the map and for online use when you register for the app.

4. Google Maps

I prefer Google maps over Siri. I believe it’s more accurate and easier to find very specific places. You can view the map from default, satellite, or terrain. It’s shows you traffic, transit, and bike routes. In addition, you can download maps offline.


This one is very obvious. Uber is my go to for traveling around a new city. It’s convenient and cheaper than most Taxi cabs. Uber is not in every country in the world but for the most part they are in most major cities.

City Mapper

This app is pretty cool because it tells you all the different transportation routes and commute times in a city. You can save specific locations like home and work and it will calculate the best route. It also has maps of the subway system and calculates how many calories you burn by walking.

Lonely Planet

This app is great if you’re looking for suggestions on things to do in the area. It gives you the main tourist attractions and list the pricing on other activities you may want to do. It has a list of hotel and restaurants to eat at. Download the city map guide for offline use.

What are your favorite apps to use while traveling? Leave it in the comments below.

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