Tips on starting a vinyl collection + Vinyl Haul

Sadly I’ve been on a mini hiatus lately. I’ve been trying to write more but I’ve been busy applying to jobs and life in general. But the last few months I’ve gotten into collecting vinyl records. I bought my record player back in february from Urban Outfitters $99. It’s no longer on their website. It was a limited edition pattern that fit so well with my room decor.

I know Crosley’s get a bad rep for being a cheap record player but this is my first record and I didn’t want to invest a crazy amount of money on something I knew nothing about. If you’re thinking about getting into vinyl do some research first and be prepared to spend so money because you may become obsessed with collecting records.

You’re going to have to replace the needle when it files down. I suggest ordering replacements on amazon. They’re a lot cheaper online.

Also buy a specific cleaning solution and brush to clean your records. Get into the habit of cleaning your records before and after every use. I got my cleaning solution and brunch on amazon for $12.

Metal crate from target $9.99

The day my record player came in I immediately drove to BAM to pick up a few records. The first two records I bought were Best Coast Crazy for You and Amy Winehouse Back to Black. From there I went to my local record store and thrift stored to see what I could find. Now everywhere I go I’m on the look out for new Vinyls.

Over the past few months I bought some really nice colored/ limited edition vinyls. Found at certain record stores and online.

I love going into record shops because each store has their own style. But sometimes it’s hard to visit local record shops Depending where you live. However, A friend of mine told me to check various websites if you want to find vinyls.

Websites to check out:

Reverblp (my favorite )



Barnes and noble

Urban outfitters

Light In the attic

My vinyl collection + Haul

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