How to Spend 5 Days in New Orleans

I can finally cross New Orleans off my bucket list! My friends and I planned our girls trip back in January and we travelled from March 7th- 12th. If you don’t have New Orleans on your travel bucket list, I highly suggest that you put it on there.

The Food is Amazing, the people are kind, and there’s always something to do. New orleans has become on of my favorite cities. So If you’re looking to visit soon, you’re in luck because I’m going to share my how I spent my vacation and helpful tips for traveling to New Orleans!

Day 1

My friends and I flew out of Newark Airport to Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. We headed to our Airbnb and Jungs Hotel and Residence. There was five of us but our Airbnb could hold about 8 people. Highly recommend this airbnb. The rooms were clean, there’s a pool and gym, and cafe downstairs. The hotel is right on canal st and a 15 minute walk from the French Quarters.

We decided to get a feel of the area and headed to the famous Bourbon St. We arrived two days after Mardi Gras ended and it was still pretty busy. We got some food and drinks at Willies fried Chicken. The fun part about New Orleans is that the don’t have Open container laws so you can bring your drink with you to most unless bars say no outside drinks. We did some light bar hopping and visited some voodoo and souvenir shops.

Day 2

The next morning we headed to the Red Slipper for breakfast. I recommend ordering the BBQ shrimp and grits, it’s one of their signature meals. It was the best Shrimp and grits I’ve ever had! Everything else on the menu look delicious as well. Just a heads up they do get pretty pack and there is a wait. time.

Shrimp and grits from The Red Slipper

We spent the rest of the day visiting the Museum of Death $17 (Not for those with a weak stomach) and the voodoo Museum $7. These are two very popular museums to visit. Afterwards We walked around the french Quarters and relaxed at the Louis Armstrong park.

Louis Armstrong park

Later that night we had dinner at Daisy Dukes. I tried the alligator po boy. If you go to New orleans the Po boy sandwich is a staple meal that you have to get. There are a many various of the po boy that you can order. ( during the trip I also had oyster and shrimp Poboys). After dinner we went to the Blacksmith Absinthe bar which is the oldest bar in the city. It’s located on Bourbon st as well. I suggest ordering the Voodoo Daiquiri.

LOVE the colorful architecture in New Orleans

Day 3

My favorite morning of the trip. We headed to Cafe Du Monde to get Beignets. You cannot leave NOLA without eating beignets. You may have heard about the extremely long wait times for Cafe du monde, but if you’re smart you won’t have to wait long. ( Tip from the locals: do not stand in line. Just walk in and find any empty table. If it’s dirty that’s okay the staff will come by and clean it up real quick). For some reason tourist form lines but the restaurant itself does not a have a wait, so just walk right in and enjoy the beignets.

After breakfast we walked off the food and looked around in a few galleries in the French Quarters. Later that day we took an Uber to the garden district to the see he Buckner’s mansion where American Horror Story was filmed. There is public transportation which is a cheaper option but some routes get too packed and the trolleys will skip certain stops.

Mansion from AHS Coven

Afterwards we walked to magazine st. Another popular place for restaurants and shopping. We stopped a cute store called Miette. They sell a lot of art and jewelry made by local artist. For dinner we went to Little Korean BBQ. Very good local spot, I ordered the Bibimbap which was amazing!

Day 4

We planned a swamp tour that morning. We registered online. It’s $50 per person and that includes the transportation to and from the location. It’s about 40 minutes away and hard for Uber’s to get there. So it’s definitely with the price.

During The swamp tour you get to see a lot of alligators and you learn about the history of Louisiana swamps. It’s not always guaranteed but you may get to hold a baby alligator. We were lucky enough to get that chance!

After the swamp tour we grabbed lunch at the Creole house located on canal st. Highly recommend getting the chargrilled oysters and gumbo. That night we headed to Frenchman St which is a great spot for bar hopping. It’s less touristy and, artsy, and great live music everywhere. ( Go to the Royal St Bar for awesome and cheap mojitos.

Day 5

The next morning we woke up a little bit late and headed to the insectarium. It’s $17 for adults but they do accept student discounts. There’s also a butterfly garden where we spent plenty of time looking at the butterflies. later, we grabbed lunch at Killer Po Boys. They’re not lying when they say killer. If you love shrimp, order the seared Gulf Shrimp po boy.

Butterfly at the insecterium

For our last night we decided to go crazy and hit Bourbon St one more time. We started the night at the Jazz hall, then made our way down bar hopping and drinking the infamous Grenade drinks. Tip: If you’re drunk and need a place to get a bite, I highly suggest Jimani’s bar. They have a wide variety of food to help sober you up.

Day 6

Our Flight was at 7 pm so my friends and I decided to squeeze in a few more activities before we left. We grabbed a light breakfast at a cafe in our Airbnb. Grabbed a few souvenirs. For lunch we walked to Deanie’s for crawfish boil. ( You can’t leave New Orleans without trying crawfish).

After lunch we went to the Mardi Gras Museum where they make the floats for the Mardi gras parade every year. You learn about the history of mardi Gras and get eat a slice of kings cake, which is delicious ! Sadly our vacation came to an end and we headed back to New Jersey. But I loved visiting New Orleans and will definitely go back again!

A float from a previous Mardi Gras parade

If you like this post give it a like. If you have any questions about Nola feel free to leave them in the comments and I’ll gladly answer. Thanks again for reading !


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