7 Travel Essentials For The Minimalist Traveler

In less than two weeks I’ll be in New Orleans! As a traveler, I wanted to write about my top essential items that I cannot travel without. I like to travel as light as possible because I always end up with a lot of souvenirs on the way back home.

For my carry-on, I usually use a backpack. In my bag, I put my necessary items inside and the rest in my checked luggage. Here are my top eight items that are essential when traveling:

1. Phone

Can’t go anywhere without a phone. Especially now where you have all your information and useful apps to help you travel.

2. Portable charger

If you’re n the go you’ll defiantly need a portable charger too Incase your phone dies and there’s no where to plug it in.

3. Headphones

Major for me because I like to listen to music on the plane ride. Plus its good to block out noise and take a nap.

4. Hand lotion/chapstick/hand sanitizer

With travel your skin and lips can get dry plus you’ll be touching a lot of germs so it’s good to not get sick while on vacation.

5. Hat

Bad hair day just put on a hat. Sun too bright put on a hat. Want to look cute put on a hat. Plus it blocks out light so you can take a nap on the plane.

6. Comfy shoes

Essential for when you’re running to catch your flight and spending the day exploring.

7. Bag/Purse/wallet

Safe space to put your money, passport and other important items. ladies, if your out its nice to have a crossbody bag just so no one tries to steal your valuables.

*Additional items ( Depending on the traveler)

  • Camera ( I like to carry my polaroid around for physical pictures)
  • Book ( I’ll usually read to pass time on the flight)
  • Travel journal( I love documenting the trip in writing and collages)
  • spare outfit( just in case the one you’re wearing gets ruined or it gets hotter or colder when you travel.

What are your essential travel items? leave them in the comments below!

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