5 Day Vacation In Puerto Rico

Sadly I’m Back from my trip to Puerto Rico. I miss the warm weather and beaches already. But I had an amazing time and would like to share the details with you guys. if you didn’t read my previous post What I’m packing for my trip to Puerto Rico. take a brief minute to look through and see what I took with me on my trip.

Day 1

My mom and I left our house at 5am to catch our flight at 7am. we landed in Ft Lauderdale Florida for an hour layover. From there we got on the second plane and landed in San Juan around 1pm. We took a taxi from the airport to the hotel. We stayed at the Intercontinental in Isla Verde which was 5 minutes for the airport.

We checked in an unpacked. My mom and I decided to go get lunch at a restaurant called Los Gorditos. on the outside, it looked like a fancy sit-down restaurant but it was, in fact, a fast food place. The food was pretty good for a fast food joint.

los gordito.JPG

After lunch we went back to the hotel, relaxed and went downstairs to the pool that is open 24/7.

Day 2

We went to breakfast at a little mom and pop shop called Edith’s. Simple breakfast nothing too fancy. I ordered french toast, ham, and sorullitos ( fried cornmeal).

After breakfast, my mom and I decided to spend the whole day at the hotel pool and their private beach. On Mondays, a lot of places are closed in Puerto Rico so we just decided to stay close to the hotel. We basically just sat around drinking lots of Pina Coladas and other drinks.

For dinner, we walked down the street to a restaurant called Mi Casita. If You’re ever in Isla Verde, I highly recommend this restaurant. Their mofongo is absolutely amazing! for those who don’t know what mofongo, is it is fried mashed plantains mixed in a broth and comes in different variations with chicken, pork, shrimp, or octopus.its a staple Puerto Rican dish.  I had the Shrimp Mofongo. Best Mofongo I’ve ever had in my life!

Day 3

Gabbed breakfast a Mi Casita. I kept it with a simple breakfast with a ham omelet and a cup of coffee. After breakfast, we decided to head up to Old San Juan, the Capital of Peurto Rico. We took an Uber to get there. Old San Juan is about 15 minutes from Isla Verde.

Travel Tip: Ubers are new to Puerto Rico and very limited. Most of the Ubers are in San Juan and old San Juan. However, some Drivers are really nice and will make a deal to drive you somewhere further and even wait for you for a set price.

After our driver dropped us off, we walked to El Morro, El Morro is a historical site in Puerto Rico, It was a port for ships and protected the island from intruders back in the 16th century. It cost $7 to enter the museum.


Afterward, we walked around saw a few art galleries. They were all free to get in. The amazing was incredible.

We finally got hungry and had lunch at Barrachina, The first pina colada was created here. We had shrimp avocado wraps with a pina colada of course and guava cheesecake for dessert.

After lunch, we walked around to a few souvenirs shops to pick up gifts for our friends and family. Then we stopped at the Puerto Rican arts and craft store. It’s a great place to pick up one of a kind handmade art. I bought a small Vejigante mask ( folklore mask used in many celebrations)  for $14 but they had larger ones that ran for $200.

Finally, we stopped for dinner at the Puerto Rican cafe. I order chicken chicharrones with rice and beans.

Day 4

We got breakfast again at mi casita haha we loved that place. Then we took an Uber to the Bacardi factory.

The Bacardi factory is the largest rum distillery in the world. It’s a popular attraction in Puerto Rico. We did the historical tour which was $15 per person and they give you a complimentary drink. You can also do a rum tasting and learn how to make the drinks but it cost more.

Our last dinner was of course at Mi Casita for mofongo. I ordered the Octopus mofongo which was just as good as the shrimp.


Day 5

Our final day we or breakfast at another local spot call playa papaya. Such a cute place. I ordered the guava pancakes and my mom ordered an açaí bowel.

After breakfast, we spent our as few hours at the beach and pool before we had to catch our fight at 4pm. But overall I loved Puerto Rico! I’m definitely coming back again.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. If you plan on visiting and have any questions feel free to ask me. I’m already trying to plan my next trip, so be on the lookout on where I go next!

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