What I’m packing for my trip to Puerto Rico

Hey guys, I’m finally back with another travel post. This time I’m headed to Puerto Rico! This trip is a graduation present from my parents and also a bday trip for my moms 50 birthday.

I’ll be staying in San Juan for 5 days and 4 nights. I’ll be leaving straight from Atlantic City airport with an hour layover in FT lauderdale, FL. I booked my trip through http://www.priceline.com. You can get deals on both hotel and flights on this site. The total for two people came out around $1000 for two people.

Puerto Rico is a U.S commonwealth so i dont need a passport to travel there or exchange currency.

I’m super excited to visit and learn more about where my family comes from. It’s still hot in Puerto Rico in October, so i’m bringing summer clothing and trying to pack as light as possible.


My packing list

Carry-on luggage

Fjallraven backpack

Small purse


3 summer dresses

Sun hat

1 coverup dress

3 pairs of shorts ( 2 jean one cotton pair)

Flip flops/ sandals

Pair of sneakers

2 pairs of socks

2 tanks

2 light tshirts

3 bathing suits

Pajama set



Makeup ( Keeping it to a minimal since it’s humid there)

Powder foundation



Face mist spray

Makeup remover





Hair products


Charger/ portable charger

Glasses/ sunglasses/contacts

Book for the plane ride/beach

My mom has most of our itinerary planned out. I will keep you guys updated after I come back from my trip. but be sure to follow me on instagram @bingrum to see photos from the trip!



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