What I’m Packing For My Trip to Japan

Hey guys!! I leave for Japan tomorrow!!! I’m so excited, this will be my first trip outside the U.S. I’ll be in Tokyo and Kyoto for the week of spring break. As I’m getting ready, I’ve been stressing over what to pack. I wrote a list and narrowed it down. I wanted to pack light so I have room for souvenirs.


Travel pro 28″ suitcase

  • Got this nice suitcase from BJs for $44. Its got plenty of space and its hard plastic to protect your items.
  • TSA approved travel lock


  • Sweaters/ Nice blouses
  • Jeans
  • 1 simple dress for dinner ( always roll your clothes to maximize space)

2 pairs of shoes

  • Nike Roshes
  • Black booties

2 pajama sets

(I’m weird and I like to I which outfit I’m wearing each day to stay organized)

The weather in Japan will be similar to the weather in here New Jersey. I just wearing outfits that I would normally wear and of course comfy shoes to walk around in.


  • soap
  • shampoo
  • hair gel and hair lotion
  • conditioner
  • toothbrush/paste
  • body /face lotion
  • Face Wash
  • Contact solution
  • advil
  • Zquil
  • Deodorant


  • Liquid/ powder foundation
  • Eyeliner/mascara
  • Powder highlighter
  • Makeup remover
  • Brushes
  • Small perfume

Carry on bag

I love this bag. I got it from Roxy.com on sale for $20. It’s has three compartments and super spacious.

I’m just taking a book bag as my carryon because we will be walking around a lot and I wanted to pack light.

  • Extra change of clothes
  • sketchbooks/Pens/ pencils ( so I don’t get bored on a 14-hour plane ride)
  • Fjallraven backpack to carry while I’m in museums and other places so that I’m not carrying a huge bag but I can also store souvenirs and other items.
  • Instax mini / extra film
  • Small purse
    • Wallet
    • Passport
    • Cash ( Japan mainly uses cash in most places)
    • Credit card
    • Plane ticket/ photocopies of important documents
  • Sunglasses/ Glasses
  • Headphones
  • Contacts
  • Portable charger
  • Language book ( to learn some common phrases)
  • Neck pillow/ sleep mask
  • Empty water bottle
  • Snacks for the plane ride
  • Wet Ones
  • Kleenex tissues
  • Hand sanitizer

Hopefully, this list will be helpful for anyone deciding to travel to Japan in the future. I will write more about my trip when I come back!

Feel free to follow me on Instagram bingrum to see photos of my trip and feel free to share this post on Pinterest and Twitter.

Until then sayonara!

What to Pack For My Trip to Japan (1)

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