December Favorites

Happy New Year everyone! I know December is over but I wanted to finish 2017 with one more favorite of the month post. I’ve been doing a monthly favorites post since July( July Favorites)

Here are my 5 favorite things for December!

1.Rina Sawayama

I found this artist on Twitter. I didn’t know who she was but i heard she was a pop and R&B singer. I gave her abum a listern and ths girl will be a big hit in 2018. Her album RINA can be found on spotify or Apple Music

2. Black Mirror

Image result for black mirror

I binged watched the entire fourth season this weekend. I love this show!  it makes you really think of how the future might look like with technology and how humans with technology may not always be a good thing. My favorite episodes from this season were Black Museum and Hang The DJ.

3. Smilf

Image result for smilf

I downloaded a free trial on Showtime to watch season 8 of Shameless. I was also curious about this show too because of all the buzz that it’s getting. I watched the entire season and I really enjoyed it. If you like shameless, you’ll definitely like this show. It’s about a struggling single mom trying to raise her infant son in Boston. It’s gritty and funny,  empowering.

4. Miguel

I love miguel! I’ve been a hugh fan since his first album. He recently droped his latest album War and & Leisure. He’s coming tho Philadelphia in March. Hopefully I will get to see him live. This is my favorite track on the album.

5. Mac Ayres

Another alternative R&b artist that I love. Mac Ayres is soulful and deep with his music.

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