Preparing for my last semester in college

It’s finally my last semester as an undergraduate. It’s crazy how fast these four years flew by giving the fact that I switched schools after my sophomore year. College has had its ups and downs, so it’s insane to think that it’s almost over and I’ll soon be thrown into the real world.

I’m not too sure what I want to do exactly. I’m debating if I want to go straight to Grad school or try to find a full-time job. But I also just want to save a much money as possible and just travel. We’ll just have to see as the next few months progress.



How I’m preparing for this semester:

Luckily my last semester doesn’t seem to be too difficult. The courses I’m taking are Strategic Marketing, Public relations, Analytic Marketing, and a Japanese art and culture class. Plus I’m off from school two days a week! As long as I stay on top of my class I should be fine. But here’s my list of preparing for this semester

1. Staying on top of my studies

So far I’ve done very well with my classes. I’ve Never gotten anything lower than a B (knock on wood). My goal is to keep that streak going one more time.

One of my goals is to stay organized throughout the whole semester. I also start off strong the first weeks of the semester and then slack halfway through. One way of doing that is keeping a bullet journal. Lets hope senioritis doesn’t get in my way.

2. Job searching

Right now I’m applying for jobs and hopefully I’ll land something by the time I graduate. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll try to find a second part time job, save up, and possibly travel to a few places.

I’m also thinking about launching a site selling stickers and maybe trying to freelance for people. If you’ve followed my other post, you’ll know that I’ve been teaching myself graphic design. So far my progress has been good. I would love to make a shop and sell stickers, pins, and maybe shirts once I strengthen my skills. I’m even going to get business cards made.


business card

You can check out my Instagram (BKIdesigns ).

3. Better Money Habits

I’m going to try my best and stick with a monthly budget. I tell myself this every year and semester. I have bad habit of spending money based on convenience. There’s a Starbucks right outside the library. It’s so hard not to buy from them.

I’m trying to save up enough money to go somewhere for spring break again. My art class is doing a spring break trip to Japan. Fingers crossed that I can make that trip happen

4. Spend time with friends

This is my last semester so I’m going to try and spend as much time with my friends before we all go our separate ways. A Lot of my friends live in different parts of the state so it’s not always easy to visit them.  Plus I probably won’t have a schedule so flexible ever again.

I’m trying to stay involved with clubs and try to network with as many people as possible. Who knows some connections could lead to a job somewhere.


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Preparing for my



December Favorites

Happy New Year everyone! I know December is over but I wanted to finish 2017 with one more favorite of the month post. I’ve been doing a monthly favorites post since July( July Favorites)

Here are my 5 favorite things for December!

1.Rina Sawayama

I found this artist on Twitter. I didn’t know who she was but i heard she was a pop and R&B singer. I gave her abum a listern and ths girl will be a big hit in 2018. Her album RINA can be found on spotify or Apple Music

2. Black Mirror

Image result for black mirror

I binged watched the entire fourth season this weekend. I love this show!  it makes you really think of how the future might look like with technology and how humans with technology may not always be a good thing. My favorite episodes from this season were Black Museum and Hang The DJ.

3. Smilf

Image result for smilf

I downloaded a free trial on Showtime to watch season 8 of Shameless. I was also curious about this show too because of all the buzz that it’s getting. I watched the entire season and I really enjoyed it. If you like shameless, you’ll definitely like this show. It’s about a struggling single mom trying to raise her infant son in Boston. It’s gritty and funny,  empowering.

4. Miguel

I love miguel! I’ve been a hugh fan since his first album. He recently droped his latest album War and & Leisure. He’s coming tho Philadelphia in March. Hopefully I will get to see him live. This is my favorite track on the album.

5. Mac Ayres

Another alternative R&b artist that I love. Mac Ayres is soulful and deep with his music.