New York City holiday trip

I have some fun news to share! This past weekend I went on a holiday trip to NYC with my school. The bus trip was only $10 which was a steal because I didn’t have to pay tolls or pay for parking. I love being in NYC, its one of my favorite places to visit. One this trip the busses drop us off in front of Macy’s and we have six hours to do whatever we want.

I went on the trip with one of my friends and we really didn’t have any set destinations. our only destination was Black Tap and then we just roamed around the city until we had to leave. Surprisingly my friend and I got to visit a decent amount of places. The fun thing about being in NYC is just wandering around carelessly and seeing what you find.

The first place we decided to hit up was a Resturant called Black Tap. They’ve gotten a lot of buzz over the past year because of their crazy milkshakes. Personally, I think they are worth the hype. We went to their location in the Chelsea neighborhood and luckily there wasn’t a wait. The milkshakes are amazing and so id the food. I ordered the Korean spicy BBQ wings and the Cotton Candy Milkshake.

We also walked around to Washington Square Park, the Chelsea Market, the High-line, Bryant Park, and Korea town.

Washinton Square park is awesome. We came across a few interesting street performers. It’s a great spot to take some great photos.

The Chelsea market is one of my all-time favorite destinations in NYC. If you have not been there yet, you need to put it on your bucket list. there are so many great food options inside and plus they’ve expanded, add more shops and restaurants.

After we walked through the market we found some stairs to get up to the Highline. If you’ve never heard of the Highline, it is an above ground park that used to be a railroad line. You get a great view of the city and see some interesting art pieces.

Our last stop was Bryant Park to see the tree there because what’s a holiday trip without seeing a Christmas tree.  It was super packed with people so my friend and I decided to grab a quick meal in Korea Town. I’ve never eaten in Koreatown but we found a place called BBQ Chicken. It’s a fast food chain from South Korea, they pre-make the meals so you can just grab and go.  I highly recommend if you need a quick bite. The fried chicken is light and crispy, plus they sell canned beer to go with your meal.


Well, I hope guys enjoyed this post and hopefully put a holiday trip to NYC on your bucket list. It’s such an amazing time to visit!

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