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Hey guys so I’ve been super busy with school, work, and a new internship that i got. I’m a social media intern for a start up company called SoCalsizzle. They’re based in southern California, Check them out if you can!

But anyways I was thinking of blog post to write and I realized I don’t talk about my personal life as much. I made one post a few months ago when I first started blogging 10 facts about me

So basically  I wanted to another post similar to it except this post is more about my dog Teddy lol. I am a dog person and I love my dog so much.


I got Teddy when I was 12. My mom worked nights and  felt that I would get lonely being home by myself so she suggested to my dad about getting a CAT. Within the next two weeks my dad instantly buys a dog from his friend who was a breeder and comes home with this little fluff ball. I I didn’t really know how to feel because i never owned dog before let alone any type of pet. And I came up with the name Teddy because he looked like a stuffed animal.




Teddy is a bichon frise, if you know anything about these dogs, is that they are high maintenance and devious. I had a rough start with Teddy. He would get into my purse or trash. He would hide underneath the bed and throw temper tantrums. There’s been a few times where he’s ran out the house and I had to chase him through the neighborhood. He still does some of these thing but to a lesser degree.


But I love teddy. He’s my go to when I’m feeling sad. He’s a goofy dog that loves lots of kisses and hugs. He likes to be chased around the house every time I try to take him for walks. He’s very spoiled and bougie. As you can see he loves to sit on the couch as if he owns it. Fun fact I taught him how to jump through a hula hoop and roll over but for some reason he doesn’t know how to stay haha. But anyways I love this little fur ball and felt the need to give him his own post like the spoiled prince he is.





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