The Intimate Distance of Lomelda’s Indie Rock

Been getting back into this kind of music. So I thought I’d share with my readers. It’s very mellow and fits perfectly into a fall playlist

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Lomelda Photo by Adan Carlo.

Lomelda means “echo of the stars”; that’s the definition Texas native Hannah Read assigned to the made-up word she used as her moniker when she began releasing her music in high school. It’s a paradoxical term at its core, based on a real impossibility (as sound cannot exist in space), but its significance colors Read’s lyrics. On her upcoming sophomore record, Thx, Read shares countless moments of profound sincerity and vivid speculation that never fail to dig deeper at the very importance of the word “lomelda”: being heard, even when circumstances dictate otherwise.

As an album, Thx acts as Read’s testament to geographic and emotional space as it influences and undermines our closeness with others. On the record’s first single “Interstate Vision,” Read fearlessly delves into the complexities of growing close to those we love. Passionately pleading through the chorus, “Can you feel me now?…

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