The Ultimate Autumn bucket list: 100 things to do + free printable

Happy wednesday !! We’re halfway through the week. For the first week of September I thought I would get into the fall mood even though it’s still technically summer, and make a list of fun things to do this season.

Fall is my favorite season because the weather cools down and I can wear comfy sweaters and cute boots. Plus new seasons of my favorite shows come back and new scary movies hit the theaters( I’m really excited to see IT this weekend). I can’t forget that pumpkin spice is back.  I don’t care how basic it makes me, I love the flavor and think it’s delicious. But I will say pumpkin spice does not belong on everything lol.

But wut that said i made a list of 100 things to do this fall plus i made my first free printable list that you can download!!

1.Go pumpkin picking
2.Bake an apple pie
3.Go to a concert on halloween
4.Harry potter movie marathon
5.Jump in a pile of leaves
6.Go thrift shopping for sweaters
7.Go to a halloween parade
8.Visit a winery
9.Classic scary movie marathon
10.Have a bonfire
11.Go to a corn maize
12.Drink apple cider
13.Go hiking
14.Visit your closest city
15.Host/ go to a Halloween party
16.Apple picking
17.Carve a pumpkin
18.Buy new scarves and hats
19. Get anything pumpkin spiced  flavored
20.Buy fall scented candles
21. Visit a museum
22.Visit you local farmers market
23. Go to Six flags fright fest
24.Host sunday night foot ball
25. Make caramel apples


26. Make buffalo chicken dip
27. Go to a haunted house
28,make a new thanksgiving recipe
29.Go to a football game
30.Take polaroid pictures
31.Bake halloween treats
32.Read a new/scary novel
33.Visit a brewery
34.Picnic in the park
35. Go camping
36.Take a 3 day weekend trip
37.Make pumpkin pancakes
38.find Oktoberfest in town
39.Give thanks
40.Make an early christmas list
41.Eat warm hearty soup
42.make leaf art
43.Go to brunch
44.toast pumpkin seeds
45.Make pumpkin pie
46.Decorate your home
47.visit a waterfall
48.Drink hot chocolate
49.Go on a shopping spree
50.Go to a food truck festival


51. Buy new fall boots
52. DIY fall crafts
53. Hangout with friends
54. Sit in a coffee shop
55. Bullet journal
56.Go for a early morning walk
57. Make kettle corn
58.Make chilli
59.Go for a bike ride
60.Buy homemade donuts
61.Watch every halloween episode of your favorite shows
62.Pick up pine cones
63.Roast marshmallows
64.Go stargazing
65,Listen to new music
66.Learn a new skill
67.Take a yoga class
68.Give out halloween candy
69 Go on a road trip.
70.Fall photoshoot
71.Donate old clothes
72.Make the thanksgiving turkey
73.Buy new sweaters
74.Go to NYC halloween parade
75.Visit the zoo


76.Take your pet trick-o-treating
77. Visit niagara falls
78.Go on a Hay ride
79. Dress up for halloween
80.Go to an ugly sweater party
81.Eat fall fruits/vegetables
82.Spend the day at Michaels
83.Drink a new tea flavor
84.Go to a wine and paint night
85.Get a pumpkin spice latte
86.Plant fall/winter flowers
87.Host a friendsgiving
88.Go canoeing
89.Take train ride
90.spend time with family
91.Watch American Horror story
92. Buy a cozy blanket
93.Visit a haunted hay ride
94.Halloween town marathon
95.Look a holiday decorations on people’s homes
96.Visit a sunflower farm
97.Attend local fall fest
98.Visit central park
99. Buy lots of chocolate
100.Enjoy fall to the fullest because it’s the best season!

Here’s the Printable list I made, and you can Download it here

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3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Autumn bucket list: 100 things to do + free printable

  1. Hey there! I love the idea you just shared! Thanks for the bucketlist 🙂

    I am from the Philippines and we don’t have a fall season here but I would definitely love to try all the other things that I can do here in my beloved country.

    Your list sounds very cozy and I love the comfy feeling 🙂

    I am more like a homebuddy and I’m thinking of trying out random, odd things just for the fun of it 🙂


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