Rainy Day playlist.

Happy monday! Well not really, it’s raining here in New Jersey. it ruined my plans to go to the beach on my day off but I do love a good rainy day because it gives me chance to productive and listen to some new music.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a music playlist so I decided to create a playlist for a rainy day.

  1. love Joji an amazing upcoming artist to look out for. Literally the song rain on me is perfect for any rainy day.

2. Please give this track a listen. The entire tape is beautiful. for those who may not know this genre it’s lofi hihop. I’ve written post about it before. ( What you need to be listening to while studying)

3. Basically any Lana del rey song is a go to for a rainy day


4.Self explanatory on this one. Amazing piano rendition.

5. Lany my favorite band of all time. Very chill but also the type of music you can dance and sing along too.


6. The Japanese house is another favorite indie band. Their music is so soothing.


6.Meltycanon- a song about love

7. I find some random stuff on soundcloud but i thought this song was perfect for this playlist.

Well I hope you guys liked this playlist. I could go on with recommendations of music but if you have any suggestions please tell me in the comments below!

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