10 Room Decor Ideas That Will Inspire You

I can’t believe it’s already August. This summer flew by. Today I figured since it’s almost time to go back to school, I’d do a room decor post to inspire anyone going back to college or any who wants to remodel their room for fun.

Lately I’ve been obsessed with a combo of bohemian and minimalistic type decor. I like plants( even though i can’t keep them alive for more than a week), tapestries, lights, cool prints, and other funky pieces to decorate with. Most of my inspiration comes from Urbanoutfitters.com. They have an amazing home decor section. they even has a college dorm checklist of items you can buy here

Target has also stepped up their home department and home goods is another great place to shop too.

but anyways down below I post my favorite room inspo from my pinterest board. You can follow it if you like. I’ve attached the links to every pin below each picture.( I do not own any of these photos)

pinterest: @mylittlejourney | tumblr: @toxicangel | twitter: @stef_giordano | ig: @stefgphotographyhttp://pin.it/QbKyc4Q


I love to have a decorated workspace it makes me feel more comfortable and productive.



Not a fan of having empty walls, that’s why I love prints and interesting paintings to put up

Stacked, eclectic wall art helps create a bohemian vibe | The Everygirl NYC Fizz 56 Apartment Shoot by Michelle Lange Photographerhttp://pin.it/tLnIYE7


Apartment goals

Voir cette publication Instagram par @viktoria.dahlberg • 3,333 mentions J’aimehttp://pin.it/mkr82t8


I’m also a fan of pastel colors. they’re simple pretty, and go great with light wooden pieces. When decorating you also gotta have a funky rug that makes the room stand out.

Instagram photo by Urban Outfitters • May 24, 2016 at 2:11pm UTC - http://centophobe.com/instagram-photo-by-urban-outfitters-%e2%80%a2-may-24-2016-at-211pm-utc/ -http://pin.it/mUlW3R-




This bohemian styled room really caught my attention with the funky pillows plus blue and orange is my favorite combination of colors.

my happy place -- hey darling friends, Sorry for not replying to your kindest, loveliest comments or visiting your beautiful pages lately. I'm having some health issues due to a fall while walking my dog. It was traumatic and painful, I'm pretty badly banged up but I will be okay. Thanks again for your love and support!XX -- malian mudcloth, cuba cloth (congo) pillows, moroccan pouf, moroccan beni ourain rug, plantshttp://pin.it/GqfX29O


Tapestries are great because they can make a room pop out more with all of those vibrant colors and patterns.

Multiple tapestries hung haphazardly on ceiling and wall.  urbanoutfitters: “Via uosanfrancisco. ”http://pin.it/yoCiawl


Dagmara Fajks (@roomor_) Instagramhttp://pin.it/LszJ_7N


UO Guide: Cozy Bedrooms - Urban Outfitters - Blog                                                                                                                                                                                 Morehttp://pin.it/LDdM661

If you guys like this post let me know in the comments below. And if you have pinterest board for room decor let me know as well because I would love to follow it!

Thanks again until next time.

10 Room Decor Ideas that will Inspire You (1).png


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