5 Easy Methods to Being a Happy Morning Person

Happy friday it’s almost the weekend! For some it’s the end of a long work week. But if you’re like me you may have to work weekends. What’s worse is that i have morning shifts. I have a love/hate relationship with mornings. I would love to be a morning person but I love sleeping way too much. It also doesn’t help that I don’t go to bed early enough.

I’ve been trying to change change my morning habits now because once school starts I’ll gonna be a super cranky person waking up at 8am everyday. So here are 5 easy methods to being a happy morning person!



Go to bed earlier


The number 1 obvious method. Can’t stress this enough. If you work 9-5 I highly suggest being in bed by 10pm the latest 10:30. Unplug on all electronics an hour before you go to bed because the phone/computers lights keep you awake. If you have trouble sleeping I suggest drinking chamomile tea. it really does help.

Now when you wake up, don’t hit that snooze button! and don’t reach for your phone first thing in the morning. ( I’m guilty of doing that). Just turn of your notifications the night before. Wake up with natural light. Your internal clock will know it’s time to get up. Getting ready in the dark just makes you more tired.

Eat a full breakfast


I know so many people who make a bad habit of skipping breakfast. Which i don’t understand because if i don’t eat then I get really cranky. But I get it sometimes it’s a little too early and you don’t have an appetite the first in the morning. But give it some time and find a way to eat a full breakfast and not just a banana and coffee. it’s suggested that people should eat a breakfast high in fiber and protein. ( Eating breakfast also helps people lose weight).

Speaking of coffee, don’t let that be the first thing you go for right away in the morning. wait an hour or so before you have a cup because your body already wakes up naturally.

Drink water

water drink

Literally as soon as you wake up go for a glass or bottle of water. After sleeping for 7-8 hours, your body is dehydrated. When you drink water first thing in the morning it helps you body wake up.

Listen to music that makes you feel good


Listening to upbeat or relaxing music while getting ready or driving to work can boost your mood. Spotify has a bunch of good playlist for morning commutes or playlist to boost your mood. I’m currently listening to Oh Wonder an amazing indie duo.

Have something good to look forward to


Lastly nothing is more motivational to get up in the morning if you have something to look forward to during the day. If you have plans for breakfast or plans after work, a nice lunch, or something simple like exercising. Just let be something you’re excited for and over all  keep  a positive mindset throughout the day.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this post. In the comments below tell me your methods of being a morning person.

Thanks for reading, until next time!

5 Easy Methods


3 thoughts on “5 Easy Methods to Being a Happy Morning Person

  1. Good post! I also believe that making the choice before I get out of bed that today is going to be a good day is part of being a happy morning person. Thank you for this information!


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