Why you need these 7 Free resources to boost your blog now

As a blogger you need a few essential tools to help make your website look appealing to your followers and tools to help increase your traffic. As a new blogger I had no idea where to start. After researching useful tips from other bloggers, I came up with a list of 7 free sources and tools that every blogger needs to be using.

writinga traveljournal


Canva is my favorite blogging tool. Cava allows you to create graphics for your blog as well as graphics and banners for other social media sites. It’s easy to use and there are hundreds of templates to choose from.  I repost another blog that teaches you How to create unique Pinterest Graphics with Canva


I use pexels as my free photo source. I prefer it over photo stock. All you do is just find a picture you like and download it. The photos are already categorized so it’s easy to navigate through. The photos are high quality.


Every blogger needs an email list. It’s the most common sites used for building a subscriber list. I like using mailchimp because you can customize your email letters to each one of your subscribers. you can also start off with a simple subscription box and then work from there.


Anyone who has a blog and a Pinterest needs to use tailwind. It is a  site that automatically schedules your pins at the most popular times where people will see it. It’s pretty easy to use. They do have tailwind for instagram but that cost money to upgrade.


Another social media schedule app goldmine. I use this one for my internship. It’s great for twitter, instagram, and Facebook because you can see a preview of the post before it sends. You can let the site auto schedule or select the time you want to post. It’s pretty easy too.


My greatest discovery. I saw another blogger post about it. Coschedule helps bloggers analyze their blog titles. You submit your blog title in the search bar and then it rates your title on a number scale out of 100. it tells you if your title is too long/ short, generic or even if it captures any emotion.


Another go to app. I swear by Vscocam. It’s the best app, I use it for all of my photo editing. They have so many amazing filters. Every now and then they offer free presets to download as well.

If you have any other essential blogging tools please feel free to leave them in the comment section!


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