Blogging Essentials: 5 Tips to Master Flat Lay Photography


You can’t go on Pinterest or Instagram without seeing some form of flat lay photography. Many brands use this visually appealing style as a way of promoting their products or share their stories.

I’ve been obsessing over flat lay photography since I’ve started this blog. The photos are so mesmerizing and aesthetically pleasing.

work desk

Since I started seeing flat lay photos, I wanted to try it myself. My experience has been good and bad but I do have fun messing around with different compositions. It definitely takes time and patients to perfect this skill.

But for any blogger it is essential to have flat lay photos on their website, to showcase any products, food, or travel items that they want to share with their readers.




My photos are still a work in progress and I’m no expert but here are 5 of tips that are essential to mastering flat lay photography.

(All photos below this point are the ones I took)

1. Theme

Having a themes or specific composition is essential for any photo because you want your photo to look organized and pleasing to the eye. When you pick a theme try to stick with the same color and items that go together. You can find inspiration for themes on Pinterest or Instagram.

2. Background/lighting

For any good photo you need a clean background and good lighting.

For the background I normally use a white poster board that I bought from Michael’s. But you can use other things such as wood, your bed, plain colored poster/paper, or textured items like marble.

As for lighting, use natural lighting or if you have lighting props use those too. Light helps with the clarity and helps your photos pop more.

3. Props

This is the fun part because you can literally use anything that’s within your reach lol. But it depends on your topic/theme and what you’re going to be showing your readers.

80898279-711f-4c67-acc1-e18c00b308ee-1Personally I like to use beauty products, travel items, things in my bag, clothes, books, magazines, stationary items, etc. (I suck at taking photos of food). I also like to uses small things like plants, glitter, confetti or fake flowers to add details.  You can go to your local craft store and pick up these items without spending too much money.

4. Camera/Photo editing apps


This one is pretty obvious. Can’t take a photo without a camera duh. I don’t have a fancy  DSLR camera. As of now I just use my IPhone camera which is just as good for flat lay photos. I use the grid to make sure my photos are straight an put the setting to HDR mode for better quality. Make sure you take photos from a high angle to get the entire scene and then Crop it to your liking.

As for photo editing I usually use Vsco cam or light room. I just make the photos brighter depending on the composition I may add a filter. If I’m making it for a blog or Pinterest post, I’ll use Canva for other custom designs like text and shapes over it.

5. Composition



My favorite part. Where you get to be as creative as you want.  Just mess around with angles and place items in different positions and see how it works. You can find some inspiration from Pinterest and /Insta but make the image your own. Don’t copy another persons work.  Overall just have fun with it. It’s all trial and error.

Well I hope you guys found this post  useful.

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Until next time.







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