How I saw an amazing music festival without paying festival prices 

Story time! So this past weekend my friends and I went to a concert at the Susquehanna  bank center in Camden NJ. The concert was hosted by a radio station called Radio104.5. It’s and alternative music station that’s popular within the Philadelphia and South jersey area. We go to their shows every year.

Last Saturday was day 1 of their 10th birthday show. They do a birthday show every year with an amazing lineup. The concert is split into two days with a different lineup for each day. I love going to their concerts because you can see so many great bands in one day.


The concert area consist of pit, seating, and lawn. The pit area is the closest to the stage, tickets ran for $120, seating was $70, and the lawn area (outside seating) tickets were $30.

Luckily my friends and I bought seats for the first show because it was down pouring that day and it would have been miserable to sit on the lawn. For the first half of the show anyone is allowed to stay in the pit section. After the halftime mark, everyone has to go to their assigned seating area.

I got to see The 1975, Fitz and the Tantrums, and Rag’n’bone man up close!


I’m obsessed with The 1975. I’ve wanted to see them live since high school and now I finally have! The rest of the show was pretty amazing too even though our seats were further away. Empire of the sun, Bastille, and Kings of Leon put on amazing performances.

Normally at festivals you have to choose which bands you want to see because of scheduling but not with radio 104.5. They also have a new music discovery stage. The bands play in between the sets of the main acts.

For night two I paid for lawn seats, so overall I only spent $100 to see two amazing lineups. I’ve can’t wait see the killers!

Here are some of the photos I took at the show.


fitz and the tantrums



The 1975

These are the shots from our seats. Not as clear but I want to throw them in here

empire of the sum

Just a note Empire of the sun puts on  a crazy show with lights and dancers dressed up as space robots. Plus the lead singer smashed THREE GUITARS at the end o the set!!! mind blowing.


kings of leon

If you’re from the Philly/NJ area you gotta check out these shows. They’re so much fun and such a great experience for a great price.




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