10 facts about me 

I’ve been blogging for a few months and I realized I haven’t really talked much about myself.  So today I want my followers to get to know me better.

This is kind of a short post .  I just started an internship and I got a new job, so it might conflict with my blogging.

But anyway, this post is 10 facts about me that I want you guys to know.


1. I live in a small town in Southern NJ. Right outside of Atlantic City.

2. I love to swim and surf

3. I like to paint and draw whenever I have free time

4. My favorite food of all time is sushi

5 I have a pet dog named Teddy. He’s a bichon frise

6. I’m half Puerto Rican and half black

7. I have 3 siblings( I’m a middle child)

8. My favorite band is the 1975

9. I’ve never seen the movie Titanic ( Don’t know why. I just never took to the time to sit down and watch it)

10. My favorite Tv show is Portlandia

If you took the chance to read this list thank you. I promise I’ll deliver more quality content in the future. I’m going to aim to post again later this week. If not maybe early next week.

Until them ciao,


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