Music to Help Improve your Productivity

So it’s officially May! One more month till summer!

I’m currently finishing up my semester with finals ugh. Surprisingly this semester wasn’t that bad. I only had one real final to take( lucky me). But for those of you have more than one final stay strong and positive.

Now I know how hard it is to stay motivated while studying. Which is why this week I decided to make another monthly playlist to help get you guys be more productive. I also wanted this playlist to inspire those summer vibes and help any of anyone going through finals or stressed out at work right now.

Try to think of this playlist as a self-care playlist too. Listening to relaxing music does help relieve stress and brighten your mood).

If you’re wondering what genre of music this is, it’s called chillhop or lofi-hiphop. It’s basically melodic hip hop beats mixed with jazz. It creates a mellow relaxing vibe.  I preferably listen to it when I’m studying, cleaning the house, or right before I go to sleep. ( You can check out my previous post about what you need to be listening to while studying). If you’re a blogger, I highly suggest listening to this while writing your blog post. It makes me feel so productive and I actually get things done lol.

You can find  chillhop on almost any music streaming platform. Most artist are on Soundcloud or Bandcamp. But you can find plenty of artist on Spotify, Apple music, and Youtube.

I wouldn’t consider FKJ ( French Kiwi Juice) to be chillhop. It’s similar but his music more of an electronic indie vibe. I threw him in this playlist to mix it up a little. His music is very upbeat, soulful, and he uses a lot of jazz instrumentals as well. His full album isn’t on Soundcloud but it is on Spotify and Apple music. I highly suggest listen to his tracks: Vibin Out with, Better give U up, and Waiting.

Now I’m not sure who came up with this idea, but I’m sure as hell happy they did. On YouTube there is a 24/7 live stream of lofi hiphop songs. There’s a few other live playlist floating around and there’s even a live chat where people around the world can post their comments. What’s great about it is that the name of the song playing and the artist is listed at the top of the video. Overall it’s great playlist to throw on if you’re doing work on your computer. (Plus there are no annoying YouTube ads to interrupt your listening!!).

That’s it for now. If you have any comments or questions please feel free to post them in the comment section. Hope you guys found this helpful and enjoyed the music.


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