Blogging Essentials: 5 Tips to Master Flat Lay Photography

You can’t go on Pinterest or Instagram without seeing some form of flat lay photography. Many brands use this visually appealing style as a way of promoting their products or share their stories. I’ve been obsessing over flat lay photography since I’ve started this blog. The photos are so mesmerizing and aesthetically pleasing. Since I […]


Products that won’t harm your skin: Melaleuca The Wellness Company

Hope you guys are doing well, I haven't done a product review in a while and wanted to share with you guys a bunch of stuff I got from a company called Melaleuca. Melaleuca is this wellness company that makes health supplements, vitamins, non-toxic environment-friendly household products and more. The setup kind of reminds me…

How I saw an amazing music festival without paying festival prices 

Story time! So this past weekend my friends and I went to a concert at the Susquehanna  bank center in Camden NJ. The concert was hosted by a radio station called Radio104.5. It’s and alternative music station that’s popular within the Philadelphia and South jersey area. We go to their shows every year. Last Saturday […]

7 Amazing quotes that everyone needs in their life

I love quotes! They can be very inspiring and motivational. Just a few simple words can have an impact on someone’s life. Quotes can brighten your mood if you’re having a hellish week at work or school. They can give you that extra push to travel or change your habits to live a healthier lifestyle. […]

10 facts about me 

I've been blogging for a few months and I realized I haven't really talked much about myself.  So today I want my followers to get to know me better. This is kind of a short post .  I just started an internship and I got a new job, so it might conflict with my blogging.…