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Memorial day weekend in South Jersey

Ah Memorial Day weekend. A favorite amongst many people because it's a three day weekend and it's the official kick off to summer. Which means backyard BBQ's, heading to the beach and honoring the men and women who have risk their lives for this country. If you live in south jersey you kind of dread… Continue reading Memorial day weekend in South Jersey

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Blogging Essentials: 5 Tips to Master Flat Lay Photography

You can’t go on Pinterest or Instagram without seeing some form of flat lay photography. Many brands use this visually appealing style as a way of promoting their products or share their stories. I’ve been obsessing over flat lay photography since I’ve started this blog. The photos are so mesmerizing and aesthetically pleasing. Since I […]

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Products that won’t harm your skin: Melaleuca The Wellness Company

Hope you guys are doing well, I haven't done a product review in a while and wanted to share with you guys a bunch of stuff I got from a company called Melaleuca. Melaleuca is this wellness company that makes health supplements, vitamins, non-toxic environment-friendly household products and more. The setup kind of reminds me… Continue reading Products that won’t harm your skin: Melaleuca The Wellness Company


Eight Bands Helping to Make San José, Costa Rica an Indie Music Paradise

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Los Waldners Los Waldners

Costa Rica is known for its biodiversity and eco-tourism, making the Central American nation a great place to visit no matter what your interests. But if you get the chance to hang out in San José, you might want to consider taking the time to check out a concert. The city’s indie scene has become home to an outsized amount of musical diversity.

Thriving in the shadow of both green hills and an active volcano, Costa Rica’s busy capital of San José is cosmopolitan but, with a population of less than 350,000 in the city proper, relatively small. The city has fostered the kind of close-knit but musically heterogeneous scene that can flourish in a just-big-enough town. Indie music within its confines and surrounding principalities doesn’t have one single sound; bands range from enigmatic bedroom electropop to loud-as-hell post-rock. Still, there’s a cohesive scene, one with plenty of variety…

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Fazerdaze’s Sparkling Guitar Pop Finds the Balance Between Darkness and Light

I finally joined bandcamp and found some really good artist to check out

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Fazer Daze

The music of Amelia Murray, who records as Fazerdaze, is on its surface bright and summery. Pick any track at random from Morningside, her excellent full-length debut for Flying Nun, and you’ll be greeted by foamy waves of guitar and Murray’s warm, sighing voice. But zero in on the lyrics, and the sun begins to fade. A portrait of romantic uncertainty, Morningside rests Murray’s emotionally-candid lyrics in silvery latticeworks of guitar, and the resulting tension is one of the things that makes the record so alluring. (It was one of our Essential Releases the week it came out.) A step up from her excellent, self-recorded, self-titled 2014 EP, Morningside is the sound of a person who—as Murray herself puts it in her song “Little Uneasy”—is feeling their way through the world, in every sense of the word.

We caught up with Murray during her shift at the New…

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