7 beautiful countries that need to be on your bucket list

It’s almost summer which means it’s the perfect time to figure out your next travel plans!


I’ve had a real bad case of wanderlust lately. I finally went on vacation on my own for spring break (you can read about it here) and now I’m ready to travel everywhere. I’m currently trying to figure out a plan of places I want to visit. I have a huge list of cities and countries that I want to go to. I’m still not bold enough to travel solo yet but eventually I’ll get there.


In the mean time here’s 7 places on my bucket list that I think you should add to yours.



Japan is number one on my bucket list.  I’ve dreamed of going go there for a long time.  It’s such a beautiful and diverse country. You got traditional Japan mixed with the modernization and high technology of the 21st century.

I love Japanese food. If could eat sushi for every meal I would. Japan is probably one of the most unique countries there is. I mean you can buy ice cream out of a vending machine. Plus the food is always so cute looking. Not to mention there’s a whole assortment of crazy flavored snacks to try like those different flavored Kit-Kats.

Visiting Tokyo is a must because that city runs 24/7. There’s a wide variety of retail stores, museums, restaurant and bars to visit no matter what time of day it is. You could never be bored in this city!  Another thing on my bucket list is being able to attend the Cherry Blossom festival at least once. Luckily the 2020 Olympics is in Tokyo, which could be my dream trip to Japan.

coasta rica

Costa Rica

For those of you who may not know, I like to surf in my free time. Now I picked up surfing about three years ago. I’m not that good yet but one of my goals is to take a surfing trip to Costa Rica. They’re know for having some petty amazing waves. Tamarindo is a small town in Costa Rica that is great for surfer of all levels. Besides surfing they have a lot of trails for hiking, beautiful waterfalls, volcanoes, and zip-lining. Costa Rica is pretty cheap to visit if you’re traveling on a budget.

south india

South India

South India should be a place on everyone’s for the food. I just did a whole project on South Indian cuisine and culture for class and I’ve been obsessing over the food because it looks so good. The region is surrounded by the coast line which means seafood is apart of their diet. There’s a mixture of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. The Kerala region is known for exporting coconuts and they use it in a lot of their dishes like coconut chutney.

For those who may not know what south Indians eat click here for a list recipes from a source I used for my project. South India is a large region but they are also known for beautiful Hindu temples and tropical coast line.



Singapore really appeals to me because its so high tech, visually appealing,  and clean. They have strict rules for keeping their city clean. You will be fined or thrown in jail if you litter. The architecture is amazing for such a small country.  Singapore is an interesting mix of Euro and Asian cultures. They enjoy celebrating their multicultural society. I would love to attend one of the many cultural festivals they have throughout the year.  This country has a lot to offer when it comes to dining, shopping, art and museums.



I’m not really person who likes the cold but I put Iceland on my list because of the hot springs that are popular in this country. I’ve see other travel bloggers talk about them all time. I would really love to enjoy a  nice relaxing natural hot spring bath with a beautiful view. ( I found a blog post that list popular hot springs in Iceland beside Blue Lagoon here). Not only that but  I think seeing the northern lights is something everyone should see in their lifetime.



I know there are some restrictions for Americans when it comes to traveling to Cuba.  But if we are visiting for “special” reasons then yes we can travel there. ( This blog post I found explains the process here) I put this country on my list because I really want to see the colorful architecture in Havana. 60 years late and this country has not changed a bit when it comes architecture. It’s fascinating that they’re still driving 1950’s Buggy’s.

I’m half Puerto Rican, so I love Spanish food which means I need to try authentic Cuban food. I’ve had Cuban food once in my life in NYC, which was pretty good but I would love try food straight from the source.

St lucia

St. Lucia

If you haven’t noticed by now, I really like tropical places and going to the beach. My dream is to live on a island and just be able to surf all day. That is why St. Lucia made the list. This tiny island in the Caribbean is known for their beautiful beaches, luscious greenery, mountains and waterfalls. For any surfers reading, the best time to visit is from November-April, if you want to catch some good waves. There’s a lot of options when it comes to things to do here. You can either chill on the beach or go for a little hiking adventure in the mountains. Overall the Caribbean is always a great place to travel to.

Thank you guys for reading. If you have any suggestions of places for me to go, feel free to mention them in the comments. Heck we can even plan a trip together Haha! I’m always looking for new people to travel with.

Until next time!

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