Where to Get the Best Doughnuts in NYC 

Hey guys!! I’d thought I share a guide on finding some of the best doughnuts in NYC 

When I was living in North jersey I use to catch the train into NYC whenever I could. I was living in Bayonne at the time which is ten minutes from the city. One of my favorite things to do in the city was to go to doughnut shops. I don’t know where my obsession for doughnuts came from but I would go into the city just to get doughnuts and to say that I’ve been there. I love doughnuts, especially ones that visually appeal to me and stand out as unique. I’m not a fan of Dunkin Donuts and now that I’m home in south jersey it’s tough finding some good doughnuts unless I head into Philly. But if  you’re ever in NYC I highly recommend that you go to these shops.

  1. Dough


Dough was the first shop I ever visited. I saw another blog post about on Pinterest and thought need to try this place immediately! Their doughnuts are huge. Literally one doughnut is a meal itself but and your entire days worth of calories but they’re sooo good. when you bite into it, is like biting into a soft and fluffy delicious pillow. If you like weird flavors, I highly suggest the hibiscus doughnut, it has sweet but tangy taste.  I also recommend the Dulce de Leche doughnut too. The shop that I would go to is in the Flatiron district, a few blocks for the Flat iron building itself.

2. The Doughnut Project


If you think a hibiscus flavored doughnut is strange, then you might not be ready to try what The Doughnut project has to offer. I saw this shop on another blog list of doughnuts to try. This shops specialty is savory flavored doughnuts. These were the most unique flavors I’ve ever seen while I was there. They have flavors such as the everything doughnut which is everything that would be on the bagel, a beets glazed doughnut with a ricotta filling, a maple frosted bar with a slab of bacon on top and so many more. I was a wimp and played it safe with the lemon zest doughnut with  a hint of sea salt. If I could go here again I would definitely try something more adventurous. The interior of the shop is pretty cool. It’s filled with vibrant graffiti art and paintings of famous celebrities like Audrey Hepburn. If you’re ever in NYC the shop is located in the west village, not too far from Washington Square Park. Another note is that the operating hours are from 8-4 and they do sell out quick.

3. Doughnut Plant

doughnut plant

I loved coming here after I was done with finals. I would buy a big box of doughnuts and bring it home. And no I didn’t eat all of the doughnuts by myself, I would share them with my family. This shop is probably one of the most well known places in NYC. They have a bunch of locations throughout the city, but I would go to the one in the Chelsea area on 23rd st.  What I like most about this shop is that the doughnuts come in different shapes, sizes and colors, and each one is equally delicious. Their doughnuts are either yeast , cake, or filled.  Did I mention that they have vegan options too! All of their ingredients are organic and made in stores. Doughnuts to try: Wild blueberry, Crème Brule, Strawberry, Vanilla bean and blackberry jam, and Tres Leche. This is another place that sells out fast, so get there as soon as possible.

4. Doughnuttery


I am addicted to these tiny doughnuts right here. Every time I go to the Chelsea Market, it is a must that I get these mini doughnuts. This small shop specializes in powdered sugar doughnuts. They fry the doughnuts real quick and they toss them into the powder sugar of your choice. My all time favorite is the fruity pebble flavor. It reminds me of when I was a kid eating Fruity Pebble cereal and watching Saturday morning cartoons. My second favorite is the Flower Power. It consist of hibiscus, honey, and rose petal. I’m really into foods that taste like flowers for some reason. I also recommend the urban monkey and the speckled strawberry. What’s nice about these doughnuts is that you don’t feel guilty about eating them because they’re so small. If you ever decide to visit the Chelsea Market, make sure you stop here before leaving otherwise you didn’t get the full experience.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. If you have any recommendation of other Doughnuts shops, I would love to hear it, Just leave a message in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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