How to diversify your wardrobe with clothes from all around the world

Happy weekend! I thought I’d help you guys with a little fashion advice. Did you know you that you can own a piece of clothing from any part of the world without actually going to that country? It’s sounds absurd, but it’s true. You can get a piece of the world from a clothing company called Serengetee.

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This company is all about being adventurous, traveling, and giving back to those in need. I was a brand rep for the company last year and it was a great experience. I love their clothing and what they stand for. I own at least 20 shirts from my rep discount Haha! What makes Serengetee awesome is that they make pocket tees and other products using fabrics from other countries. Each pocket is one of a kind, custom made, and 10% of their profits go towards a charity or supporting local artisans in countries like Guatemala and Thailand. They’ve sourced fabric from over 25 countries and have over 100 fabrics to choose from. There motto is literally “Wear the World”. Each product comes with a tag that says what country it comes from and what charity or cause it supports.


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They make more than just shirts. You can get backpacks, travel pouches, hats, pillows, pillows, fanny packs ( their designs are actually really nice), camera straps, and more. Everything is made in the U.S. at their warehouse in Los Angeles. P.S. their shirts are the most comfortable thing that you will ever wear.

But what I love the most about this brand is that they encourage others to travel more. They’re all about going outside and discovering new places and enjoying new cultures. Just a warning, their Instagram page will inspire the wanderlust in anyone and it might make you start looking for flights for your next trip.






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