Why I started to learn code

Coding is something I wished I learned during my freshman year of college. When I started my first semester I knew I wanted to go into marketing but I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to go in. I’ve been really leaning towards digital or social media marketing. As I’ve been applying for internships I noticed that a lot companies require interns to know basic coding or SQL and other analytic programs. I had no idea what these things were because I did not learn them from any of my classes nor was I a computer science major. However, thanks to the internet and its many resources I just googled sites on what coding is and where to learn it.


The reason I started to learn coding because it’s a good skill to put on my resume to increase my chances of getting hired. Not only that, digital marketing and social media marketing require knowledge on basic HTML and CSS. I wish I knew that earlier in my college career but it’s never too late to learn a new skill.

From a bloggers aspect, I’m still new to blogging and I want to learn how to customize my site the way I want it to look. We also live in a technology driven world an I think its pretty useful to know these kind of things.

The hard part about self teaching yourself coding is where to start. Luckily a friend of mine recommended me a site call skill share. Skill share is a site where people post video lessons about many subjects like coding, graphic design, Photoshop, art, starting a business and more. All you do is register and pick the classes that you would like to learn. . A subscription is $10 a month but it is worth it because you get access to so many useful classes. Another site that I find really useful is Add to dictionary. They have course from HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, and more. I like this site because its free and if you want to take more course you can pay extra for later down the road. Khan Academy is another useful site. I’ve used it for my other classes but they do have coding tutorials. While on Pinterest I found another code site that  I will try later called Udemy.


Learning code is like learning a new language. My experience with coding so far has been going well. After the semester is over I will have more time to learn more. It’s not too Difficult to understand after you’ve practiced a few times but for anyone who is interested in learning code should definitely look into it. Down below I posted the links to the sites I use and other resources that I found on Pinterest.




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