Starting a Career in Digital Marketing – Eclectic Elite

Source: Starting a Career in Digital Marketing – Eclectic Elite

This weekend I’ve been looking for marketing internships to apply to. A lot of companies are looking for social media or digital marketing interns, so I’ve been dabbling in some digital marketing by teaching myself Photoshop and coding. It’s also one of the reasons I started this blog. I do enjoy using social media for banding purposes and  I would like the expand my skills it. what I like the most about marketing is that there is a fun and creatives side. Some of the classes I’m taking now don’t really teach you about digital marketing unless you’re in the graduate program at my school. My classes also don’t let you be creative, we’re forced to learn by the professor reading straight from power points. When it comes to applying for internships I feel like I’m lacking in certain skills that I can put on my resume and get me the position. I’m still deciding which direction I want  to go with marketing but luckily I stumbled upon some blog post about digital marketing that have been helpful. Here is one that I really liked and wanted to share on my blog.

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