Coffee shops that you should visit at least once


I decided to make  this post about my obsession for  coffee and my love of going to coffee shops. Now I come from a small town in Southern New jersey and there’s not many local coffee shops around. But I did live in the North Jersey/ New York area for two years and found some places I absolutely fell in love with.



This was the first real café I discovered while living I North jersey. It’s  located in the financial district in Jersey City, NJ. This place has the most beautiful coffee shop Aesthetic. Their coffee beans are from Haiti and they also make their cold brew using the Japanese slow drip method. Overall the workers are very friendly, the coffee is delicious, and it’s the perfect place to sit down and get some work done.



I heard about this café through Instagram and from a few other blogs. It’s been on the list of most instagramed places in New York City. This cute place is located in the West Village, looking over the busy streets. It’s not as roomy but its a nice spot to get something quick and relax for a few minutes.  They’re known for their Matcha green tea flavored beverages, so I decided to get the Matcha Latte. I’ve tried matcha drinks before and this one is definitely at the top of my list.

Drip N Scoop


My newest obsession. What I like about this spot is that they sell coffee, doughnuts and ice cream. they even make doughnut ice cream sandwiches. Talk about a three for one deal. I was really happy when this place opened because it’s not to far from where I live. It’s located in Ocean City, NJ. Another plus is that this place is a few blocks from the beach. The atmosphere is also a nice quiet spot, so you can some work in here as well. Besides the doughnuts, my favorite thing is the cold brew coffee, Its perfect for summer.

Thanks for reading my first post, more to come in the future! If you want, tell me your favorite coffee spots in the comments below, I love trying new places.

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