7 beautiful countries that need to be on your bucket list

It’s almost summer which means it’s the perfect time to figure out your next travel plans I’ve had a real bad case of wanderlust lately. I finally went on vacation on my own for spring break(you can read about it here) and now I’m ready to travel […]


Where to Get the Best Doughnuts in NYC 

When I was living in North jersey I use to catch the train into NYC whenever I could. I was living in Bayonne at the time which is ten minutes from the city. one of my favorite things to do in the city was to go to doughnut shops. I don’t where my obsession for doughnuts came from […]

Why I started to learn code

Coding is something I wished I learned during my freshman year of college. When I started my first semester I knew I wanted to go into marketing but I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to go in. I’ve been really leaning towards digital or social media marketing. As I’ve been applying for internships I noticed that […]

Starting a Career in Digital Marketing – Eclectic Elite

Source: Starting a Career in Digital Marketing - Eclectic Elite This weekend I've been looking for marketing internships to apply to. A lot of companies are looking for social media or digital marketing interns, so I've been dabbling in some digital marketing by teaching myself Photoshop and coding. It's also one of the reasons I started this…

What you need to be listening to while studying

It's the final few weeks of the semester and I've been really stressed out with assignments, finals coming up, and  I have a bunch of group projects. Hopefully when I'm done in a few weeks, I'll have more time for blogging. But back to the subject of school, I've been in the library everyday this week and I found…