Bikinis you need this summer

Summer is just around the corner!! And I know a lot of people have been preparing for bathing suit season and looking for some cute bikinis. I’d thought I share with you guys my favorite pieces. midori-bikinis

Midori Bikinis

I discover Midori Biknis on Instagram over a year ago and let me say this is probably one of my favorites. The quality of the material is thick, it’s durable, and true to size. I love the different patterns and colors that they come in.  If you notice the style, the bottoms are Brazilian cut so they show off a little more skin. But don’t worry they do sell bottoms with more coverage. Right now they sold out of their 2016 inventory and they’re about to release their 2017 collection. Now if you’re looking for cheap bikinis sets this company may not be for you. Each piece is sold for $54-$62, however they do have sales. I normally buy the individual pieces at separated times. During Black Friday they had a 50%  sale so I stocked up! Let me tell you do get your moneys worth with this company and I highly recommend buying from them.



Ama Bikinis & American Eagle Outfitters

The second set of bikinis is from a company called Ama Bikinis. I recently found this company online and they also make Brazilian bikinis. I like them because they have really stylish and colorful patterns. The material is not as thick a Midori but the fit is comfortable. The pieces are a little more affordable, Prices range from $25 to $49. they also have frequent sales throughout the year. The meaning behind the company name is that Ama is Japanese for woman of the sea. There’s more info about it on their about page, its actually really interesting. Lastly, my final piece is from Aerie/American eagle. they had a 60% off sale for bathing’s suits so I decided to grab one because it was only $7. I like the quality of AEO, I’ve been buying from them since forever. It shows off skin but not too much skin and its nice to mix’n match with my other tops.

Down below are more photos of more bathing suit designs (these are not mine)


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