Philly travels: Chinatown

So this weekend I spent the day in Philadelphia. I’m taking a food and culture course at school and one of our assignments is to go somewhere and do something cultural. It’s a very interesting class and I love the fact that my professor really encourages us  to go out and travel, and experience different cultures instead of being stuck in the same small town forever.

With this strange weather it was 70 degrees in February, and I decided to take advantage and meet up with two of my friends in the city. the first place I thought to visit was Chinatown. It’s literally a block from the train station and I’ve never really explored Chinatown before, which was a shame because this area is amazing!

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So our first stop was a bubble tea shop called Tea-Do. its very chic inside and that bubble tea tastes even better. I had the green apple tea with lychee pieces. They we walked around the block and went inside this art craft store with a giant hello kitty sign. Inside they sell cute themed stationary supplies and cartoon stuffed animals. Later we got lunch at Yamistuki, which is a Japanese noodle and sushi bar. They’re pretty affordable, the ramen is delish, and their organic teas are soooo good! Lastly, for dessert I finally got to try the popular rolled ice cream. The place is  I-CE NY, they’re originally from Thailand. I got the banana pudding, which I highly recommend. Afterward we walked off he food and head to South street and went to some thrift stores, but overall it was a great day. down below I’ve posted photos of all the places I went to.


art craft




Thanks for reading hope you guys enjoyed!


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