The beach towel you need this summer

sandcloud towel.png

So spring break is around the corner, which means summer is close by! For this post I thought I’d share my favorite beach essential, a Sandcloud towel. You’re probably asking what’s Sandcloud towels. Well Sandcloud is a company in California who makes Turkish cotton beach towels and the company donates 10% of their profits to protect marine life.

I’m a brand ambassador for them which is basically, just posting about the product on social media and I also get a discount code to give out to my friends and family. They  make other accessories like necklaces, phone cases, water bottles, and shirts but my all time favorite products are the beach towels. What’s great about the towels is that they are light weight, they don’t take up too much space, colorful, can be use to dry off or as a  blanket to sit on, and they’re easy to wash. I have a few towels and I use them every time o go to the beach. I’ve even gotten a few of my friends to obsess over them. Below are a few pictures from  the Sandcloud web site        (These photos are not mine).



If you like what you see, check out their site, If you want to purchase something, you can use my code briana25 to receive 25% off your purchase and help keep our marine life safe. (My code is also in the first picture above).



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